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About Us

STEEL TOWN MAULERS BASEBALL was founded in 2011 to provide the best available private training, instructional clinics, and advanced travel tournament baseball opportunities to all individuals seeking to improve their skills in a fun and challenging environment.

Our home training facility is centrally located in Rochester, Pennsylvania with convenient accessibility to a broad and diverse athletic audience serving multiple surrounding communities.
Our instructors and coaches combine with over 200 years experience at all levels of competitive play in America’s national past time as players, coaches, and administrators.

At STEEL TOWN MAULERS BASEBALL, personal training is our primary focus, our conviction is that baseball success and optimal athletic performance is the direct result of positive repetitions through practice, desire, teamwork, and grace. We utilize the Ripken Baseball theory of skill drill circuit training featuring Ripken Baseball certified professional instructors.

We recognize that baseball is a game, and all games at their root should be fun. Our goals are always centered on the premise that we are all fortunate to get to play the great game of baseball and to make the most of the opportunities afforded us. We will always strive to get better in all that we do, and place each players development and well being above all else.

“Praise, Practice, Patience equates Passion”

“It’s not about Me, It’s about We”

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